The camels are at war!
Bring along your camel and compete against your opponents in this fun camel racing game.
The Game!
A (local) multi-player camel racing game that allows up to 9 players. Single player mode is also available for lonely times to play against the bots. Just throw the ball on the board into the right hole to make your camel move. Bonus holes give you extra points and avoid the dead holes otherwise your ball will be stuck inside for a few seconds. The winner goes to the next level while the loser stays behind. Enjoy!
The Idea!
Remember the days of Atari, Commodore or the Original PlayStation where you had real fun playing with family members, relatives or best buddies? Download and play IbilWars now to have fun-time with friends or playful family-time together.
  • At level start each hole shows how many points you get. Remember the high points holes.
  • You camel moves when the ball goes into a hole. You have to throw the ball faster into this high points hole to get ahead of other camels.
  • BONUS holes gives you extra points.
  • Beware of the DEAD holes or the ball will be stuck in it for couple of seconds.
  • In multiplayer mode a player progresses to the next level only if that player wins. Even though the players are in different levels they still race each other.
  • The only player that can start/pause/restart the game is the host. The rest of the players have to wait for the host to initiate the action.
  • After every 5 levels the track meters are increased and your camel will have to run longer.
Full Features
  • Single Player mode
  • Multiplayer mode via Wifi and/or Bluetooth
  • 1 to 9 players via Wifi
  • 0 to 4 players via BT (depending on your phone)
  • 0 - 3 bots in single player mode
  • 3 difficulty levels when racing agains bots
  • Optimized graphics for phones and tablets
  • Play between Android phones and Kindle Fire, Nook or other Android tablets
  • 70+ levels
  • 8 beautiful scenes
Free version features
  • 20 levels only
  • No level scenes
  • No multiplayer mode
  • Certain options are disabled
  • Ads (ofcourse)
  • Practice to throw the ball properly in target holes for your device. Every device feels different to the touch and has different screen size and resolution.
  • When playing in multiplayer mode always make the faster mobile as the host.
Q: What does Ibil mean?
Means camel in arabic.
Q: How many players can play the game?
Upto 9 players can play together via WiFi or bluetooth.
Q: Is this an online game?
This is not an "Online" Multiplayer game which you can play on the net. It is a local networked game which can be played by several players via WiFi or bluetooth.
Q: Can I change the difficulty?
Yes, in the "Options".
Q: Can I change the number of bots to play against?
Yes, in the "Options" select "Advanced" and there is the option to select the number of bots.
Q: Can every device be used in multiplayer mode?
Bluetooth is not supported on some of the older devices..