Who We Are

A software company by coders.

Mobile, Web, Desktop, Embedded, Games, Wearables, Robotics, Smart TV, Social Media, Enterprise, UX, UI, Graphics, IoT, AR, VR, MR, XR.

You name it, we've coded it.

What We Do

We are your one-stop shop.

  • Mobile Apps (Android & iOS)
  • AR + VR + MR = XR
  • Branding, UX & Graphics
  • Native, Web & Enterprise
  • IoT, Robotics & Embedded

Why Sileria?

Because we build it like no one else!

  • Good Software Architechture

    Build it right, the first time!

    We still care about Solid Software Foundation & Best Practices.

  • Good Contracots

    Your App is our baby too!

    We do not come with the contractor mentality, we take ownership!

  • Good Polished

    Well-polished products!

    Your product does not have to be held together with Gum & Rubber Bands.