Our Mission

Our mission is to develop software applications of the highest code and product quality possible that supersedes all expectations, while remaining in the front rows of current and future technologies.

Our Vision

Our philosophy in two words:- No Compromise; We do not like compromising the overall quality and integrity of a software.

We believe that a right combination of experienced team, software architecture, development process and quality check is the key to building high performance software.

Our Principles

The Company

Sileria specialized in App Development – be it Native Mobile Application, Graphics & VR, Gadgets & Wearables, Enterprise & Web, Embedded Systems or Robotics – Sileria has the precise talent and expertise to be one of the leaders in the software development industry.

Sileria is committed to providing enhanced software services while concurrently maintaining excellent quality, precise expertise, and unique flexibility to its clientele. We are proud of our high standards and go out of our way to provide quality service in delivering creative and competitive products.

Short History

Formally founded in 2001, and incorporated in 2003 in the State of California, Sileria has been providing software development and consultancy services since 1994.

Global Offices

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Sileria operates globally with branch offices in North America, Europe, Middle-east and Asia.

Company Culture

Sileria is very team-oriented and very selective about the talent we hire. We advocate for balanced work and family life, as part of this balance we do offer flexible schedules and remote work environment from anywhere in the world. This flexibility cannot come at the cost of performance and team collaboration, and that is why we hire specific talent who can commit, collaborate and deliver.

We also provide a casual and fun environment that encourages other team activities such as game time, team meal vouchers, etc.

Quick Facts

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Our Guarantee

We take great pride in our work. With over 22 years of app development, hundreds of successful projects, and dozens of satisfied clients, you are guaranteed to have a professional and personalized experience.