The folks at Sileria have been a pleasure to work with. We posed an Android problem to a half-dozen companies, and Sileria came back with the best and most unexpected solution. Throughout the time we have worked with them, they have consistently delivered with a dedication to high quality, timeliness, solving the actual problems, and out-of-the-box thinking, all with remarkably little supervision. Put succinctly: when it comes to software, they just "get it".

Ted Stefanik



I’ve worked with Sileria on numerous projects and I’ve worked with “others” on numerous projects. As a developer myself, it’s easy to see the difference: Sileria writes high quality code.

Joshua Musselwhite


Whizzbang Inc.

As an engineering manager at Deluxe it was my pleasure to work with the team from Sileria for over two years. Sileria led the architecture and design of the Barnes & Noble video streaming service and the Deluxe Software Development Kit. As a hands on coder I frequently review the Sileria code and know that the team deliver a good product. I am particularly impressed by the user interface and quality of the SDK example applications which are designed and implemented by Sileria. Sileria helped design the overall design and structure for Deluxe applications and helped solve some technically challenging issues with digital rights management. Over time I grew to have a great deal of confidence and respect for the Sileria team. I would not hesitate to hire them again for future projects.

Damon Darling

Engineering Manager

Deluxe Digital Studios

I've worked with Sileria as far back as 1994 - in the very early days of Virtual Reality systems development. They were very adept at integrating data glove, trackers and head mounted displays with the VR systems development package. They worked with me on a number of VR projects over the years, along with doing database systems work.

Kurt Wendt