Our Process

Concept & Strategy

This is the first step, where your ideas are actually brainstormed into actual app concepts and functional specs. Everything goes on black & white and we study whether and how your idea can be translated into a successful product

Creative Design

We strongly believe in first impression being the last impression.  That's why polishing & pixel pushing is part of our culture.

Our UX & Branding experts work scrupulously to ensure the aesthetics are just right.

Software Architecture

All architecture is design but not all design is architecture.

A poorly written software takes same amount of time to build as a well architected system; but requires three times more the time and money to maintain.

Coding & Development

When you work with Sileria you will know, that writing Object Oriented, Well-architected, clean, documented and organized code is an absolute MUST, and following design patterns and best practices is the Code of Conduct here.

Test & Polish

A very common mistake is to publish half-baked apps. If you are Google you can launch beta products for a decade, everyone else need to have good unit-tests in-place and have the app go through a proper testing phase before launch.

Product Launch

Publishing the app is an easy step. Now the new journey starts, with marketing phase, keeping up with the user requests, maintenance and new feature updates. Sileria can help with all your technical needs after the release.

Our Principles

Product First

We are not tied to a single methodology. Keeping the big picture in font, we seek the optimal team and process that can help us deliver a successful product.


Open communication, project insight, direct team access, and realistic delivery dates are some of many things that our clients love about working with us.


We are big advocates of teams with specialized and specific functional borders, i.e., we are not going to put a database guy to do UI or vice versa.

Solid Foundation

Let us do the ground work for you app, and you will thank us for the rest of your product life. There are very few out there who can do this right for you!

Best Practices

At Sileria we actually use Proven Solutions and Effective Techniques to create impressive products, and not as buzzwords to impress others.

Our Packages

We offer the following packages to meet your business models:

Hourly Rate  (HRM)

Whether you like full control of the development cycle, or desire the least amount of burden administering a project; we offer the hourly-rate model.

Pricing Overview

  • No pre-payment.
  • Client is charged a fixed hourly rate.
  • Weekly invoices are submitted.

We can work with your process and your team -or- we can bring in our own team.

Fixed Price  (PAM)

You prefer to lock in the total price of the project upfront; we offer two types of flat rate models.

PAM – Pay-At-Milestones

  • 20% pre-payment at sign-off
  • 40% at DESIGN completion
  • 70% at ALPHA completion
  • 90% at BETA completion

Full payment is made at final product hand-over to the client.

Fixed Price  (POM)

You like to play it safe with lower down payment? We got you covered!

POM – Pay-Out-Monthly

  • 10% down at sign-off
  • 90% paid monthly

Full payment is made at final product hand-over to the client.

Just like the price is locked, so are the specs for all fixed-price models. All changes will be documented and paid separately from the project cost.