Frequently Asked Questions


We are based in Los Angeles, California.

Yes, we have offices in Europe and Middle-east.

No, we take projects globally.

Sileria, Inc. was incorporated in the State of California in 2003.

Yes, we only work on Corp to Corp basis.


Yes, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us right now to discuss your project with us.

Based on your project requirements, we will let you know if a team in that area is available to take a project.

Every project is different. Based on your project requirements, number of developers working on it and the length of the project, the cost will be different.

Yes. Transparency is one of our principles that our clients enjoy.

You or your team members can be part of daily and/or weekly status meetings. We can also provide weekly progress reports if required by the client. Also if you have your own repository system, we can check in daily code to your source control.

Depends on the size. There are number of variables there that will affect the project time-line.

Typically a small size project with 2 - 3 developers working on it takes any where from 6 weeks to 3 months.

A typical client-server based or social networking project will take 3 - 6 month.

Larger enterprise level projects will have 6 - 8 developers working and may take more than 6 months up to an year also, or sometime longer for really huge projects.

For a rough approximation of project duration, you can take the estimates above and divide by 32 hours for each person on the team. For example, a 1200 hour project takes approximately 3 months of calendar time for a team of 3 people (1200 hours / (3 people * 32 hours/person/week) / 4 weeks/month = ~ 3 months).

Yes. This kind of flexibility is important and could determine the success of project.

Now, if you are on an hourly package, you can make any changes you like. The project delivery time maybe affect, and you will still be billed hourly.

If you are on an fixed price, any big changes will not only affect the delivery time but also the final cost of the project.

For hourly package we submit weekly or bi-weekly invoices.

For other packages the billing will based on the mutual contract.